android:nextFocusDown - Set Next Focus to a TextView/EditText

How to Set Next Focus to a TextView/EditText

android:nextFocusDown was added in API Level 1

Defines the next view to give focus to when the next focus is FOCUS_Down. If the reference refers to a view that does not exist or is part of a hierarchy that is invisible, a RunTimeException will result when the reference is accessed.
When the user presses the NEXT button or TAB key on the soft keyboard, this attribute will be invoked.

1. Add 2 TextViews in your main.xml file.

2. Set the android:id of the first TextView to mySecondFocus, and the second TextView to myFirstFocus.

3. In the main.xml file, in the first TextView, add the code below.

       android:nextFocusDown = "@+id/myFirstFocus"

4. In the second TextView, add the code below.

       android:nextFocusDown = "@+id/mySecondFocus"

5. This will make the second TextView displayed on the screen the first focus, and the first TextView the second focus. 

6. Compile and run!

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