getDisplayName - How to Get the Standard Time Zone, Short Form

public final String getDisplayName (boolean daylightTime, int style) was added in API level 1
Displays the Short Form the of the Standard Time Zone for the user's preferred time zone.
Equivalent to getDisplayName(daylightTime, style, Locale.getDefault()). Be wary of the default locale.

1. Initalize TimeZone object with the User's Preferred Time Zone with a TimeZone object named myTimeZone.

2. In the onCreate method, add a Toast, which displays myTimeZone.getDisplayName(false, TimeZone.SHORT)  

Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), myTimeZone.getDisplayName(false, TimeZone.SHORT), Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show(); 

3. Compile and run!

4. For me, this displayed: "CST"
which stands for Central Standard Time

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