Deprecated: How to Set the Title and Text of a Notification

public void setLatestEventInfo (Context context, CharSequence contentTitle, CharSequencecontentText, PendingIntent contentIntent) was added in API level 1
** This method was deprecated in API level 11. **
Use Notification.Builder instead.
Sets the contentView field to be a view with the standard "Latest Event" layout.
Uses the icon and when fields to set the icon and time fields in the view.
context - The context for your application / activity.
contentTitle - The title that goes in the expanded entry.
contentText - The text that goes in the expanded entry.
contentIntent - The intent to launch when the user clicks the expanded notification. If this is an activity, it must include the FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK flag, which requires that you take care of task management as described in the Tasks and Back Stack document.

1. In the file, Deprecated: Set a New Notification object named myNotification

2. Get the Global Application Context, named myContext.

3. Set a PendingIntent with getActivity, named myPendingIntent.

4. Add the below line to the onCreate method. This will set the Notification named myNotification to a global application context, a title of "This is the title." and a PendingIntent named myPendingIntent

          myNotification.setLatestEventInfo(myContext, "This is the title", "This is my text.", myPendingIntent);

5. Compile and run!